E-commerce project. From Zero to Million

Project Details

Client: New domain without history
Category: SARMS Store
Duration: On going

Or the story of scaling from 0 to 85,000 users per year and orders for $ 1,000,000.

A year ago, we received an offer to work with a new online store that did not have a strong brand or history. The product was quite an interesting one commertialy, but we will return to that question later.

The main task that needed to be solved was how not to violate the requirements and not incur anger of U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


How to promote a website without writing a word of content?

Idea & Concept

We can’t write content, so let’s do what we can.

Product Design

We, as SEO consultant team, and a development team.

What did we have at the beginning:

  1. The site made with a template;
  2. Lack of content on the pages;
  3. The inability to write SEO texts for pages (because of good old FDA);
  4. Brand New Domain – with no links at all.

In the process of  competitors research, it was revealed that they use large long-reads in their strategy, which casted a doubt on the possibility of a successful case, but we did not give up.

Several query groups were selected to work with.
As you can see, the volume of search traffic was large enough, which inspired interest and confidence in the result.

Link visits statistics for the first month of the site’s existence.

This was the state of the site when it was obtained for work. There were actually no restrictions or limitations for our work, only those with metadata pages and reference masses.

In the first month of work, several redirects from the drops were made, and it worked positively for the website. It also turned out that the product owner had an earlier similar webstore, but without traffic on it. We decided to set up a page redirect, and as a result it worked out successfully.

Next month, active work was carried out to fill the product website and edit the meta tags for the products.

Here is an interesting point – there were few pages of tags and categories. As it turned out, competitors used category / tag pages, etc. to promote directly. We decided to focus on the pages of products.

The first sales went this month.

The next six months were devoted to work with the reference mass – drops on related topics were used. There was also work on crowd links. In the process, technical nuances were solved – such as a crashing of the server, the appearance of 404 errors, the correct markup for product pages. Here is the result for six months (exclusively organic traffic is taken into account).

After another 3 months, when there were no new technical errors, it was possible to start working deeper with the links. After all, there was no opportunity to write content, but it was necessary to increase traffic and the number of sales. By this time, the number of keywords that were in the top was constantly growing and the situation with the site’s positions was as follows:

In the winter of 2020, we encountered a problem when the product owner decided to duplicate the website on a subdomain by slightly changing it in order to use it for advertising on Facebook. We followed this decision while still being puzzled. The deal is that the websites used one database, and it was necessary to achieve the result as well as preventing a server crash.

The problem was that when you closed subdomain.site.com/product from indexing, the site.com/product page was also automatically closed – and that could not be allowed. No solutions were proposed by the developers, so canonical tags pointing to promoted pages were prescribed for both versions of the site. This decision allowed us to exclude unnecessary pages from the opening by bonding them with the promoted ones.

As a result:

There were no problems with traffic drawdowns, but growth continued. At the moment, work with the site continues, and it is in plan to implement the AMR version of the site. When it is launched, the results will be published here.

At the time of writing, the results are the following:

As a conclusion:

  1. Written content does not always wins. Even if you can’t write content, you can work and get results;
  2. Conversion optimization and hitmap are also important. After all, looking through the hotjar records helped to identify several points, correction of which led to the conversion rate increase;
  3. Links rules! Good links help to achieve results;
  4. Creative thinking also helps solve complex problems.

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