What is a dedicated team?

A dedicated team is not just about highly skilled development or management specialists. This term uses to describe the most appropriate team based on a list of skills and knowledge to the specific customers’ project. Being a reliable partner for gambling, dating, betting, trading industries, we gathered a tandem of skilled professionals with proven expertise in specific industries. For example, when you requested either trading SEO services or betting SEO services, our task will not just ensure the quality, but also find the right specialist with the proven records of success in the mentioned field. 

Who needs a dedicated marketing team?

Despite the wide variety of specialists in the digital marketing field, the issue of finding the right team for the specific industry is a real case. First of all, most specialists offer only general knowledge without a deep understanding of possible problems business may be stuck. It seems natural to be an SEO expert in gambling if you previously work with other IT projects. But each project is unique and long-term, with the constant improvements and maintenance, then a dedicated marketing team is needed. The principle point of the dedicated team is to work in common with the customer’s employees to deliver excellence, exceptional, and venture specific methods. 

The choice of employing a dedicated marketing team has a very straightforward and basic estimating structure: the customer may pay either within a specialist or within an organization. It depends on the team size and project duration. For example, one SEO project may last from 3 months, and the number of employees on it varies from one to three or five. 

The workflow process of a dedicated marketing team

With the dedicated marketing team model from Buzzword, digital customers can oversee exceptionally qualified and capable specialists, venture administrators, hardware, assets, and framework dependent on venture prerequisites. Colleagues are knowledgeable about various SEO tools and techniques for SEO Gambling, SEO Dating, SEO Betting, SEO Trading. A customer can evaluate a colleague’s functional and similar abilities. Buzzword digital focuses on group and expertise, provides representatives with the most recent innovative data.

Despite the uniqueness of the projects we work on, we at Buzzword digital may highlight some similar stages of cooperation:

From object to planning

We determine the customer's issues, thoughts, and business objectives. At this stage, we arrange group size and structure and distinguish necessities.

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Preparation to work

Buzzword Digital looks for specialists with suitable information and sets up proper tools and workflow. The customer approves newcomers and agrees with cooperation.

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Initial working process

Specialists are accumulated into a group and start work during regular hours. They continually work just for the customer's undertaking, become acquainted with its points of interest, and see the general thought behind each different assignment. Since that time, our team became part of the customer's organization. All specialists are working under the customer's management and report about the success of the client's department. From our side, we just check the work quality if needed. The new specialists fulfill the existed employees with their experience.

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What benefits will you get from a dedicated marketing team?

According to previous reviews, our customers figured out that colleagues are always accessible, and customers can manage assets and plan work volume at their attentiveness with the most significant advantage for themselves. Customers have full command over the undertaking communication and cooperation because of the reasonable investment the board, progress following devices, and advantageous association intends. 

We analyzed the advantages of working with a dedicated marketing team, and here are the results:

Workflow benefits

The customers' digital team is empowered with more professionals who can share knowledge and expertise. Some businesses don't need to change completely. The reason they work with us is just to empower the existed team and improve the process. That's why a dedicated team will help to optimize workflow.

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Team benefits

Working in a group is about interaction and knowledge sharing. Team members are grateful to work with someone from whom they could learn more. That's why a dedicated team brings another advantage of improving employees' interaction and knowledge.

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Costs benefits

The price is one of the main benefits of working with a dedicated team. Just count how much you could pay for newcomers and the possible cost risks related to his adaptation period or internship. There is also saved cost on webinars because you pay for real work instead of theoretical knowledge. Your dedicated digital marketing team is an excellent chance to power your business.

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Services you may order with our digital marketing dedicated team

If you need some custom solutions, we at Buzzword digital are ready to help you. Our team is actively working with:


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